Free electricity, hot water and energy-saving heating for your home or apartment

Water Heaters

Water Heaters help get hot water from the Sun

Free hot water at up to boiling point for your mansions and apartments, hotels, restaurants, plants, sport centers and pools.

Non-pressurized integral solar water heater

Suits private houses and small businesses. Thermosiphons (non-pressurized systems) are more affordable in comparison with pressurized integral water heaters.

Pressurized with tank on roof

Suits private houses and small businesses. Need less maintenance in comparison with non-pressurized integral water heaters.

Flat-plate collector

Is applicable only in warm climate and only 6 months in Armenia.

Non-pressurized heating system

Good for big consumers of hot water like plants, food courts, hotels, sport centers, mansions with pools, etc…

Pressurized split water heating system

Suits big consumers of hot water. Can heat up pools of any size.

PV Systems

PV Systems

Use the sun to generate electricity. No traditional fuel used. No harm to the environment.

Grid-tied Solar Systems

The role of the accumulator is played by the grid (“Electric networks of Armenia” and “Artsakh Energo”). The energy flow is monitored and fixed by the Net Metering mechanism.

Hybrid Photovoltaic Systems

Mostly used where blackouts are often. Is ideal for blocks where blackouts often happen

Off Grid Photovoltaic Systems

Are used in places where there is no electricity. These stations are also suitable for beekeepers, cattle breeders, hunters, servicemen.

Heating and Cooling

Energy-efficient heating/cooling

Ultra-modern heating/cooling systems make a building's climat system available at the lowest prices, providing up to 4kWh of energy using only 1kWh of electricity. Shtigen's heat pump systems act like an air conditioner which gives the heat to water instead of air.

Heat Pump

A modern way of heating and cooling which allows noticeable savings due to transferring heat from one environment to another.

Ultra Thin Fan Coil

An energy-efficient device replacing the traditional radiators. Uses >35°C water for heating. Can be used in conjunction with other heating devices like gas heaters.