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SHTIGEN Education

To help people get the most out of a single resource, while protecting the environment: Shtigen's mission encourages us to develop and implement sustainable educational projects․

The Mission

• Tell the kids about the opportunities given by the sustainable energy.
• Develop the culture of smart usage of energy, effective consumption of electricity and taking care about the environment from the young age.

By the way the parens are also happy participants of the trainings who help the children strengthen the knowledge gained and to apply it in real life for their homes and families. It’s a program to help people discover the secrets of better life.

Shtigen Academy

Further development of Shtigen Kids educational project idea led us to establish Shtigen Academy. It’s a full course on solar technologies for university students. The graduates are awarded certificates and the best of them are given a chance to start their career at Shtigen.

Shtigen Academy allows to
• get deep knowledge on solar energy
• find a job in the intensively-growing solar job market
• become a demanded specialist using the knowledge base acquired
• learn to benefit from the opportunities given by solar energy
• learn how to establish your own solar business

Trainings and Courses

Online educational resources

Shtigen regularly uploads educational videos and runs webinars on social network platforms.

Shtigen’s YouTube channel offers videos about
• solar water heaters’ and PV stations’ principles
• the “Principles of sustainable energy” series
• interviews
• other educational and informative videos