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Pressurized split water heating system

Pressurized solar water heating systems are installed to reduce expenses on hot water. An individual station is designed for each customer taking into account consumers number, needed amount of heat water, temperature and other factors.

Pressurized solar water heaters can be connected to existing water heating systems. As a result gas or electric boilers work only when needed. Switching between solar and gas/electric boiler is fully automatic.

The principle of pressurized split water heating system

The main difference from non-pressurized water heating systems is that no water enters the vacuum tubes of a pressurized solar water heater. These tubes have copper tubes inside with anti-freeze liquid which is gathers the heat and transfers to the water in the tank. Vacuum tubes are installed on the roof while the tank with hot water is in the boiler room in the building. The water is driven to the consumption point under pressure. Pressurized split water heating systems can also be used for partial heating in winter.

Applications: is good for big consumers of hot water like plants, food courts, hotels, sport centers and masions with pools

Pros: the system doesn’t stop when one of the tubes is damaged, it just keeps on working with reduced power

Cons: needs more investments than the non-pressurized systems