Integral pressurized solar water heater -

Pressurized with tank on roof

A pressurized integral solar water heater allows to save up to 140 000 AMD a year and up to 350 000 AMD in comparison with an electric boiler. Need less maintenance in comparison with non-pressurized integral water heaters.

These systems can be integrated into the existing water heating system and have a built-in electric heating element to provide non-stop hot water in cloudy days.

The principle of pressurized integral solar water heater

Despite the similar appearence pressurized and non-pressurized integral solar water heaters have principal differences. A pressurized integral system drives the water to the consuming point under pressure, there is no water in the vacuum tubes, there is a copper tube with anti-freeze fluid inside which pushes up the temperature of water in the tank. The both systems have integrated tanks and are installed on the roof. They provide hot water 12 months a year (up to boiling temperature in summer and 45-55°C in winter) during more than 20 years and are functional at down to -30°C. Not suitable for pool heating.

Applications: private houses, small and medium businesses

Pros: the system doesn’t stop when one of the tubes is out of order

Cons: unlike the non-pressurized integral systems, the pressurized one fills the tank with cold water when hot water is being used. That makes the hot water in the tank get cooler.