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Non-pressurized integral solar water heater

A single non-pressurized integral solar water heating system can save up to 12 000 AMD monthly (up to 30 000 AMD compared to electric boilers), can be integrated into the existing water heating system and has a built-in electric heating element to provide non-stop hot water in cloudy days.

The non-pressurized solar heating system is very easy to use. It’s a good means to bring the life quality of people of non-gasified communities to a higher level.

The principle of non-pressurized integral solar water heating system

In a non-pressurized integral water heater the water gets warm in vacuum tubes and goes higher into the tank using convection mechanism. The vacuum tubes and the tank are a single (integral) unit and are installed on the roof. The water is self-driven (not under pressure) to the consumtion point.

The system provides hot water 12 months a year (up to boiling temperature in summer and 45-55°C in winter) during more than 20 years and is functional at down to -30°C. Not suitable for pool heating.

Applications: suitable for private houses, small and medium businesses

Pros: easy to use and affordable. Nowadays it saves more money than the loan monthly payment

Cons: the whole systems stops when a single vacuum tube gets damaged