Modern Air-to-water type heat pump |

Heat Pump

We offer air-to-water heat pump which harnesses energy from outside air, using heat exhanger transfers it to water which passes it to the destination room. A modern way of heating and cooling which gets 5 times more energy than the electricity it consumes due to transferring heat from one environment to another.

The principle of heat pump

If the air temperature outside is, say, -10°C the heat pump will harness thermal energy from that air by cooling it down to -35°C. The energy gained then is passed to the water warming it up to 35-40°C. The warm water then is used by Fan coil radiators. Heat pump allows to harness up to 4kWh by consuming just 1kWh electricity. That ratio is called Coefficient of Performance or just COP. In this particular case COP=4. The less is the difference between the outside air temperature and the water temperature the higher is the COP. Usually when the outside air temperature is -15°C and the water is 40°C the COP is 2.5.

– works in both single-phase and triple-phase systems

– max electric power consumed: 4.5-5kW for 150m2

– thermal power: up to 25kW