No matter how big the obstacles are, it is certain that the vehicle of 21 century is the electric car. We can confidently say that the development of electric transport is the most important perspective direction for our country, which must be consistently developed.

In 2020, Shtigen began cooperating with the Chinese automaker Hozon, which is not the first year in the industry and has an interesting model range, from cars to trucks and urban electric transport.

In August, we presented the Neta N01 passenger electric car to you. You can find more about car’s parameters and test drive results by following link: Here
The car is very convenient for city delivery, courier services, company managers, taxi services.

And now Neta U is in Armenia. A compact “crossover” car that has the ability to drive 500 km on a single charge. One full charge of the battery will cost the customer only 2700 AMD, ensuring the lowest possible cost of “fuel” (of course, we are talking about electricity).