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SHTIGEN adopted a mission to introduce affordable solar energy solutions to Armenian families, businesses and public sector, by promoting green technologies and strengthening energy self-sufficiency of the nation.

Renewable energy has huge potential in Armenia, which considering scarcity of natural resources and high dependency on imported energy resources, appears even more important for the country and for each of us. Historical measurements show that the average annual amount of solar energy flow per square meter of horizontal surface in Armenia is about 1700 KWTh, while average European is 1100 KWTh.

Prices for electricity and gas grow constantly, while modern technologies allow using free and safe solar energy for our homes. We believe in green and renewable future for Armenia, so we are here to make these technologies work for households, businesses and public sector and give our customers independence from constant rises in energy prices.

SHTIGEN’s core product is solar heating solutions of various complexity, from simple non-pressure solar water heaters up to complex solar heating systems.

SHTIGEN is exclusive representative of the global solar water heater market player SunRain in Armenia and Georgia. We provide full cycle of services: starting from project planning, sourcing, installation and after-sales service. Our solar water heater equipment has 5 year quality guarantee from producer, and we provide one year technical service for free.

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We are here to bring free solar energy to your home!

We’ve already helped dozens of customers to get free heated water in Yerevan and regions of Armenia, see our works here.

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Արևային էլեկտրակայան ԱնտարեսումԱրևային էլեկտրակայան Անտարեսում
Արևային էլեկտրակայան Անտարեսում

«Անտարես» տպարանում «Շտիգեն» ընկերության կողմից տեղադրվել է 70,2 կՎտ դրվածքային հզորությամբ արևային կայան։ Տեղադրվել [read more]

Shtigen in Ararat provinceShtigen in Ararat province
Shtigen in Ararat province

In Ararat province, almost all of the cities and villages have either Shtigen’s solar [read more]