SHTIGEN GROUP launched “Sunrise in Artsakh” project in April 2022 to establish energetic independence in Artsakh. SHTIGEN GROUP made the first donation itself, installing 12 solar water heaters on the house roofs of families whose relatives were murdered, became disabled, or the family has many children. Those families will always have free hot water for several decades.

As a part of the “Sunrise in Artsakh” project, the “Arevik” Children’s Medical Association of Stepanakert was equipped with solar water heaters and a solar plant.

Argentinian-Armenian philanthropists also joined the project: thanks to their donations, ten more houses in Artsakh were equipped with solar water heaters.

As a result of the cooperation between the SHTIGEN GROUP and the Armenian Relief Society, 100 more houses in Artsakh will have solar water heaters by the end of this year.

The TelCell company signed a partnership memorandum with SHTIGEN GROUP and joined the mission of “giving sunrise” to Artsakh. Now it’s possible to make donations for the project via TelCell terminals and TelCell online Wallet.

“Border” NGO is among the partners of the “Sunrise in Artsakh” project.

 You can donate to the “Sunrise in Artsakh” project via the “Border” NGO fundraising platform, marking “Sunrise in Artsakh” in the “Donation info” field.

The video about the project “Sunrise in Artsakh ” is here.      

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