Shtigen has installed a PV station and a non-pressurized solar water heater in №4 kindergarten in Sisian. The solar systems were installed within the “Energy saving and sustainable energy in kindergartens” project. The project was financed by Japan International Cooperation Agency’s (JICA) Mini Grant program of 2018. Shtigen has installed polycrystalline PV panels from the market leader Talesun as well as a KStar inverter (Shtigen is the exclusive representative of both companies in the region). The PV station is rated at 2.6kW which will annually generate 4 000kWh of electricity allowing to save 168 000 AMD and reducing the CO2 emissions by 1.8 tons. Also a 300l solar water heater was installed. It will provide another 100 000-120 000 AMD of annual savings and 1.5t of CO2 emission reduction.