Are you interested in doing solar business in Armenia? Do you plan to invest in solar farms to earn stable low risk profit? Do you have free cash or just are interested in Armenian solar market? but don’t know where to start, the Webinar scheduled for March 13 at 13:00 CET (at 12.00 UTC+0) is just for you.

You will get answers about the following

• Investment Climate in Armenia

• The market of the Utility Scale Solar Power Stations(USSPS) in Armenia

• Productivity of the USSPS & Feed in Tariff for the USSPS in Armenia

• Phases of USSPS project in Armenia License Application: documents and processing Procurement, construction, installation, commissioning

• How to become a USSPS owner in Armenia?

• The economics of 1 to 5 MWp USSPS in Armenia