The smarter E Europe renown exhibition, which took place under the slogan “By creating a
new energy world”, hosted 85,000 visitors fr om 160 countries worldwide at the Munich
International Congress Center to demonstrate and discuss renewable energy in all its sub-

Summarizing the large-scale exhibition, Shtigen Group marked off the following points:

✅ presentations: many companies presented their new products for the first time at this
exhibition, which was a great platform to get acquainted with the new achievements of
the market,

✅ outdated products and companies: the exhibition provided an opportunity to
understand which products or companies in the field had already been marginalized,
✅artificial intelligence in the solar industry: it’s no secret that AI has invaded the “green”
sphere as well. Some companies appeared at the exhibition with products that work
particularly with it.
✅ Chinese electric cars are the best vehicles: even in the most technological country,
Germany, they acknowledged that Chinese electric cars were currently the best in the
✅ Wh ere is the solar world going to? Such large-scale exhibitions not only make room for
getting acquainted with innovations, but also for understanding in general what the
future holds for solar energy.