Shtigen Group’s “Sunrise” project and Awesome Nature Armenia environmental initiative are launching a joint program to promote alternative energy solutions in Armenia.

Shtigen Group and Awesome Nature Armenia environmental initiative are beginning a new partnership in an attempt to raise awareness of environmental issues and promote energy independence in local communities. With no age limitations, the Awesome Sunrise project will bring together talented individuals from all around Armenia to design, develop, or execute alternative handmade energy sources using available resources.

“We are excited to begin this joint project because the challenges facing our nation need a consolidation of efforts. We will demonstrate our resourcefulness and get a step closer to innovative thinking, sustainable resource management, and energy independence with this,” states Vahe Salahyan, one of the trustee-coordinators of the Awesome Nature Armenia environmental initiative.

According to Arpi Harutyunyan, Public Relations Officer of Shtigen Group, the Awesome Sunrise project raises the threshold for accountability, and it will be carried out within the framework of the group of companies’ corporate national responsibility,

“A few months ago we decided to implement this project in Artsakh with the aim of making the energy crisis at least somewhat tolerable for our compatriots. The September events also changed the course of our program. However, we have not given up the idea,” says Arpi Harutyunyan.

“In this ever-changing world and especially in this region, our country is not immune to the energy crisis either, and the more prepared we are, including at the micro level, the more painless the process of overcoming it will be. Encouragement of innovative ideas also stems from the values of our company, hence, in this context, the objectives align,” added Arpi Harutyunyan.

Educational and informational materials will also be created as part of the joint program, and they will be posted on social media platforms throughout and after the project.



*Awesome Nature Armenia
Awesome Nature Armenia, an environmental initiative founded in 2021, has brought together several dozen Armenian scientists, professionals, and environmentalists. The initiative awards grants totaling AMD 300,000 to local proposals that enhance the “awesome” or “beautiful” aspects of our natural surroundings. The group is a part of the global “Awesome” network.
A total of almost AMD 6 million has been awarded for the implementation of 23 projects—selected from more than 500 applications—on the subjects of water resources management, wildlife conservation, household waste management, and environmental education in various regions of Armenia.

*Shtigen Group
*Shtigen Group was established in 2011 with the intention of providing everyone in the world with access to safe, secure, and energy-efficient technological solutions and systems. Andron (electric vehicles and electric vehicle services), ENEREX (liberalized electricity market), Shtigen Energy Systems (solar energy), Shtigen Ventures, Shtigen Innovation, and Shtigen Advisory comprise the Shtigen Group. The company also engages in educational initiatives as part of its Shtigen Academy project. Among the activities performed within the scope of corporate national responsibility, the Sunrise project stands out, which strives to promote energy independence and security.
Shtigen Group is a market leader in solar energy and is among the top 500 major taxpayers in Armenia.