We offer the full cycle of what it takes to go solar.






Consulting and support

With free consulting you can choose the technology which is the best for
your requirements as well as the best conditions of non-cash financing. Want
to invest in industrial systems? We offer full support in choosing the
terrain, changing its purpose of use, licensing, development of a business
plan and other steps.

Project design

We design the projects using theoretical performance simulation and detailed
examination of the the terrain, soil and roof surface.


Shtigen represents the production of the world leaders. We are the exclusive
representative of the following brands not only in Armenia but also in the

  • Water heaters and Heat pumps: SunRain
  • PV panels: Phono Solar, Sunpower
  • Inverters: Fronius, KStar, MPPSolar, SMA, Solar Edge
  • Batteries: KStar
  • PV cables
  • Fan Coils: Phnix

Construction and putting into the line

The roof works are done by our specialists. The terrain works we do in
conjunction with the best construction companies.

Warranty Service

We provide after-warranty service of our systems as well as the systems
installed by others.


It’s recommended to clean the solar panels once a year or more often if the
place is dusty.