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Off Grid Photovoltaic Systems

Are used in places where there is no grid available. They are equipped with batteries to accumulate the excess of generated electricity and supply it to the consumer devices when generation is insufficient. These stations are ideal for seasonal needs or distant places. They are often chosen by beekeepers, herders, hunters, militaries. Recently such stations became a choice for monuments’ lighting.

The principle of the off-grid solar systems

An ideal source of electricity in non-electrified places. Now it’s possible to get electricity for lighting, video surveillance, mobile devices charging, TVs and fridges at any place. To calculate the power of the off-grid system needed we need to know which devices are going to be on, how long and how much they consume. Also we need to calculate the peak power consumption.

Pros: the system installation is faster and cheaper than making the grid reach your place

Cons: unjustified investment if the grid is reachable