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Fan Coil

An energy-efficient device replacing the traditional radiators. Uses <25°C water for heating. Can be used in conjunction with other heating devices like gas heaters.

The principle of Fan Coil

Fan Coil is a device for cooling or heating the room air. Thermal efficience is about 2.5 times higher than with traditional radiators because the thermal energy is equally spread across the room making up to 30% of economy. Thanks to the special internal design ultra-thin Fan Coils are 13cm thick (25cm in case of normal models) which allows to save space.

They can be installed on a wall, under the ceiling or just put on the floor. There are models with different attractive design. Besides the traditional white colored Fan Coil a version with black front glass is available to make your interior look special. 5 vertical models of different design and dimensions are available to make easier to choose a Fan Coil for your heating and cooling needs.