Hayk Shekyan, founding director of Shtigen Group, participated in the Armenian-
Lithuanian business forum held in Vilnius. He was in the delegation of the Union of
Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia.

During the forum, the opening of which was attended also by the RA President Vahagn
Khachaturyan, memorandums of cooperation were signed between the high-tech
industry ministers and businessmen from both countries.

“Gathering business sector representatives under one roof is an important step not only
in terms of developing business ties, but also in view of discovering and developing new
fields. We have be able to provide a multi-vector direction for business development in
Armenia, which will stretch from east to west,” says Hayk Shekyan.

Armenian and Lithuanian businessmen participating in the forum were representatives
of various spheres, from renewable energy to pharmaceuticals and publishing.

As Shekyan put it, the interest in green business was growing in different countries of
the world, and such forums proved to be a good opportunity to learn about field.

Innovations and consider the best solutions to develop the energy sector in Armenia.
“We have to realize how important it is for our country to be in the center of the
Eurasian continent and, hence, set a new agenda in the business field as well. By
establishing new business ties, as well as enhancing the already existing ones, we will be
able to ensure rapid development, including in the field of green energy, which is of key
importance not only for Armenia, but also for the entire world,” says Shekyan.