The Shtigen Group and the National Agrarian University of Armenia have signed a memorandum, starting broad cooperation in the field of education and career building. University students will have the opportunity not only to do an internship at the Shtigen Group and specialize in the field of alternative energy and electric vehicles but also to get a job at one of the leading companies in Armenia.

“The world is moving towards the field of alternative energy, and we, as a state, are obliged to keep up with modern trends. In this regard, it is extremely important that the educational sector is also prepared. In the future, not money, but the lack of specialists will be the problem, so we must prepare for tomorrow’s challenges today,” said Hayk Shekyan, founding director of the Shtigen Group, at the memorandum signing ceremony.

The Agrarian University is the first university in Armenia that installed a solar plant. The university realizes the importance of the field and the prospect of new cooperation.