Shtigen Energy Systems’ “Solar Artsakh” workshop was held on 15 June in Artsakh’s capital Stepanakert. The aim was to make the solar field’s opportunities and application scenarios available to Artsakh, support the solar energy fast development. The seminar brought together all the people concerned, decision makers like officials, businessmen, representatives of grid management, representatives of banking field, etc. “The regulations on solar energy development have been adopted recently in Artsakh and people need to be informed better as both overrated expectations and unreasonable pessimism are there. We need to fix that and form an adequate perception. It’s very important to show the economical efficiency of solar investments on real-world examples and to keep the people away from making mistakes”, – said Shtigen’s founder and CEO Hayk Shekyan in his opening speech. Shtigen’s 8-year experience was presented during the workshop, including real-world examples from hotels, restaurants, plants, fish farms, bird farms, gas stations, malls, etc… Four main problems of the solar energy in Artsakh were mentioned which are the pessimism, the lack of specialists, problems in financing and the lack of experience in the grid management. The financial institutes’ and Artsakh’s investitional found’s representatives discussed the financing opportunities. The special guest from Yerevan, “Electric networks of Armenia” CJSC representative talked about their experience, the problems they had and offered assistance to the colleagues from “Artsakh Energo” in the new procedures easy and smooth adoption. Both officials and private sector’s reps were present on the workshop. “Solar Artsakh” was reviewed by “Azat Artsakh” newspaper (ԱՐԵՒԱՅԻՆ ԱՐՑԱԽ. ԳՈՐԾԱՐԱՐ ՀԱՄԱԺՈՂՈՎ ՍՏԵՓԱՆԱԿԵՐՏՈՒՄ) news web portal (Ստեփանակերտում կայացավ «Արևային Արցախ» գործարար համաժողովը) “Artsakh Press” news agency (Ստեփանակերտում կայացել է «Արևային Արցախ» խորագրով գործարար համաժողով)