The final day of the Green Climate Fund-organized Regional Dialogue with Eastern Europe and Central Asia, in which Shtigen Group took part, saw the creation of new benchmarks for green investments and collaboration with new partners.

Hayk Shekyan, the founding director of the Group, spoke with participants on the potential and procedures for implementing collaborative initiatives inside the Skopje forum’s framework.
The event had two main objectives: to introduce participants to the Fund’s new financing strategies and instruments, and to hear from attendees about their programs and how they intend to collaborate with the Green Climate Fund, with the hope that the dialogue will contribute to the implementation of national and regional climate change priorities.

According to Hayk Shekyan, such conversations provide an opportunity for delegates from other countries to share their expertise and knowledge while also familiarizing themselves with new strategic tools.
“The goal of this dialogue is to improve the effectiveness of cross-border collaboration. In recent years, our company has dramatically expanded its sphere of operations from a single company to a group of enterprises, making participation in such forums more concentrated and promising,” said Shekyan.
“This time, in particular, we represented Shtigen Ventures in hopes of finding partners.”
In addition to Green Climate Fund decision-makers, the event brought together national authorities (stakeholders or responsible ministries) from various countries, national and international accredited organizations, and private sector representatives who have previously collaborated with the Green Climate Fund or are preparing to forge new paths.