The APRI Armenia independent research institute recently hosted a three-day conference themed “Building Tomorrow” in Yerevan, bringing together governmental, diplomatic, academic, and corporate figures, as well as intellectuals and journalists from all over the world. The event sought to investigate the most important development paths for Armenia.


The conference’s speakers highlighted a variety of themes, including sustainable agriculture, green energy solutions, digital technology breakthroughs, environmental challenges, healthcare, transportation, artificial intelligence, and more.

Hayk Shekyan, Shtigen Group’s founding director, underlined the importance of increased investment in renewable energy during his speech. He emphasized the importance of the government in this process and asked parties to work together to ensure Armenia’s long-term stability and competitiveness. “We should not be satisfied with the installation of solar facilities with a capacity of several megawatts. Our expectations should be ambitious, and our objectives should be fuelled by the prospect of creating many GW plants. Thanks to those energy titans, we will be able to transform the country into a major supplier of green energy in the region,” Shekyan said.



Shekyan also discussed the future of Armenia’s e-mobility sector, emphasizing the importance of battery recycling.

The forum was sponsored in part by the Armenia-India Business Council (AIBC), co-founded by Hayk Shekyan and Rananjay Anand. The organization’s mission is to establish business links between Armenian and Indian firms while also creating a positive business climate through collaboration with governmental organizations and business communities.

During a panel discussion, Karen Mkrtchyan, Executive Director of the Armenia-India Business Council, underlined the necessity of bilateral actions to strengthen the two countries’ business and economic connections. “As significant as the two countries’ rich historical and cultural pasts are, we should not be happy with simply discussing them. It should serve as a springboard for greater business relationships. India’s potential must not be underestimated. “Armenia can collaborate with this country in a variety of fields,” Mkrtchyan stated.



Rananjay Anand, AIBC’s co-founder and General Secretary, also attended the forum, demonstrating his dedication to strengthening these critical bilateral business partnerships. According to him, India-Armenia relations have recently been experiencing great development both in terms of military cooperation and business. “As the co-founder of the Armenia-India Business Council, I am thrilled to witness the growing partnership between our two nations. Recent developments in India-Armenia ties, including military cooperation and an interest in enhanced trade agreements backed by strong cultural exchanges, underscore the timeliness and importance of AIBC,” Anand added․