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Solar water heaters offered by SHTIGEN have the following features and advantages:

  • applicable in all the regions of Armenia, all the climate zones throughout the year, even under frost of -30C and cloudy weather
  • do not operate only in heavily foggy weather
  • compatible with previously installed water heating systems: compatibility of installation is ensured within couple of hours;
  • efficiency: water is heated up to boiling point,
  • resistance: are not damaged even by direct hit of hail up to 3cm in diameter
  • simplicity: SWHs do not require special service,
  • reliability: have 5 years of warranty,
  • durability: excellent service for 20 years,
  • security: SWHs are free from dangers, specific to traditional gas or electricity water heaters, like gas leakage, short circuit, etc.

Solar water heaters are widely used by:

  • people all around for heating water in their apartments, private houses, swimming pools, as well as supplying hot water to winder gardens, etc.
  • businesses like private offices, hotels, baths, saunas, pools, beauty salons, gyms,  greenhouse, fruit and vegetables and dairy processing, fruit dryers, production, industrial companies, etc.
  • public institutions like public service offices, trade centers, municipalities, cities and villages administrations, health care facilities, kindergartens, schools and other similar institutions.