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Shtigen is hiring!

Shtigen is hiring!

A leading company of Armenian solar market Shtigen steadily grows and expands operations. We prove by action that renewable energy is Armenia’s national wealth, capable to bring welfare and independence to lives of ordinary people and the whole country.

If you share our vision and are ready to contribute your knowledge and passion for its fulfillment, we will be happy to see you in our team.

We are open to candidates with various level of professionalism. If you’re a junior starter on the market, we’ll guide, train you and help to gain necessary practical skills. If you’re an experienced professional, we’ll be happy to leverage your skills and experience to the team work in efficient and collaborative environment free of dogmatism.

Currently we are looking for the following talent:

  • Sales manager in Yerevan and regions including Artsakh;
  • Marketing and communications specialist;
  • Project manager;
  • Energy audit expert.

Job functions include:

  • Within his/her region/sphere/project reveal and form demand for solar solutions, comprehensively and pragmatically estimate suggested solutions, organize and supervise realization of decisions;
  • In cooperation with sales/technical/project manager teams and external parties ensure excellency in customer service;
  • Reveal and present unsatisfied customer needs in the practiced solutions.

General requirements include:

  • Highly educated;
  • Good knowledge of physics, thermodynamics, mathematics;
  • Advanced communication, sales and customer service skills;
  • Systemic thinking;
  • Ability to work independently and efficiently.

Please, fill in this application form we will contact you and in case of mutual interest,.

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