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Solar Water Heater on Tufenkian Historic Yerevan Hotel in Yerevan

“Tufenkian Historic Yerevan” hotel joined the hotels, using clean solar energy. Solar water heater system, consisting of 1,140 vaccum tubes, was installed and successfully put into operation in the hotel. The system is integrated with existing boiler of the hotel, so the system will automatically switch to using gas in cases, when solar energy is insufficient, for example, during high workload of the system in foggy weather. In summer the system also supplies hot water to the open air pool.

This solar water heating system will ensure about 3.5 mln annual savings for the hotel.

In 2015 Shtigen implemented a range of similar projects in different regions of Armenia, while this project is the first big solar water heating system installed in the center of Yerevan. Installation works were performed under strict requirements of preserving appearance of the “Tufenkian Historic Yerevan” hotel building, so the system is not visible from the streets.

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