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Photovoltaic station and solar water heater in Aragatsotn

It’s nice to see that rural residents are sometimes more advanced and able to accurately assess their investment perspectives and the present and future benefits of energy efficient solutions.


We present one of the latest Shtigen installations in Aragatsotn. Notably, our customer has made a decision to install solar thermal (for hot water) and electric power plants (for electricity) for his home, at the same time. A thermosyphon (type of solar water heater) with a capacity of 300l and a photovoltaic station with a peack power of 4.8 kW were installed.

The monthly gas consumption of 15000-20000 AMD was reduced to 2000-3000 AMD after the Shtigen solar water heater installation. The solar power plant (Photovoltaic Station) will produce more than 8,000 kWh annually, which will save more than 360,000 AMD per year. As a result, the volume of carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by 3.5 tons.


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