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The region’s largest thermal power plant is in operation

We are proud to announce that Shtigen LLC has successfully completed the construction and operation of the largest solar thermal power plant in the Caucasus region. This thermal power plant with a peak heat capacity of 1.5 MW, was constructed at the “Grand Sport” athletic complex in Yerevan, Armenia in order to resolve the facilities thermal hot water cost issues. 14,520 solar water heating vacuum tubes were installed in this plant. For comparison, there are 20-30 vacuum tubes per solar water heater installed for households with 4-6 family members.

With a peak thermal capacity of 1.5 MW this station heats up 2 swimming pools (one of which is Olympic size), as well as all other areas where hot water is required. The Grand Sport complex is occupied with 600-800 customers on a daily basis who will be provided with hot water by the Solar Water Heater plant.

In addition to the solar thermal station, Shtigen LLC has also installed a 22 kW photovoltaic plant for Grand Sport  which has given birth to another large-scale project between Shtigen LLC and “Grand Holding”, the design and construction of a 1 MW photovoltaic plant. Licensing and design stages of this project.