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Shtigen LLC in cooperation with the Ministry of Nature Protection of RA and with the support of Caucasian Nature Fund mounted solar energy systems on rooftops of Arpi Lake SNCO. Two different solar systems were installed.

Solar PV system of 20kWp will generate 32-34 MWh electrical energy annually for over 25 years, saving 1,400,000 AMD ($2,900 USD) every year. This system will reduce carbon emissions by about 15 tons. PV panels used in above system are subject to 25 year efficiency warrantee, meaning 25 years after the installation the efficiency of panels will not go below 80% of nominal power rating. The solar PV system is connected to Electrical Network of Armenia under the Net Metering agreement which will allow Arpi Lake SNCO to transfer the surplus of the electricity to the electrical grid and use saved up energy in bad weather conditions.

In order to provide hot water non pressurized solar water heater with 300L capacity was installed, that will save around 400,000 AMD ($820 USD) every year (before the installation of SWH electrical boilers were used to heat up water). Installation will reduce carbon emissions by 1.5 tons per year.

It is important to note that by opting for progressive renewble energy solutions Arpi Lake SNCO acts as leader and demonstrates in practice the easiest way to achieve savings and higher quality of life.