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Online Solar Power Calculator for Everyone in Armenia

Online Solar Power Calculator for Everyone in Armenia

From now on, everybody in Armenia can calculate for free the costs and benefits of PV power installation.

SHTIGEN designed the first “Solar Calculator” in Armenia available for public. The Calculator takes into account current monthly energy costs of physical and legal entities, insolation in various regions of Armenia, optimal technical solutions and best financial options.

Solar Calculator allows to calculate optimal solar energy capacity, based on location and current monthly energy costs, the relevant PV panels and their installation costs, evaluate payback periods, income and savings due to adoption of “net metering”, as well as choose the most suitable financing options, based on best terms of financing.

“We are glad to offer this open tool to the public, Armenian solar market should be more transparent and clear for everyone. The less uncertainties, the faster this industry will develop. We are sure that solar technologies, especially taking into account recent reforms, have real potential to develop and transform daily lives of Armenian people and businesses. We are especially proud that the solution designed by Armenian programmers excels other analogues”, noted Mr. Hayk Shekyan, CEO, SHTIGEN. 

Solar Calculator is available for free at “Solar Calculator” page of SHTIGEN official web-site.

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