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Non pressure models

Non pressure models

non-pressure-model-2Non pressure models are one of the simplest and affordable models, which are quite popular both among private owners and businesses.

Once installing this model you’ll be able to save on energy consumption up to AMD 145,000 annually.

This solar water heater consists of solar energy collector and insulated hot water tank and expansion tank.

Technical details:

  • Vacuum tubes model: QB-AL-N/AL-58-1800 (diameter 58mm, length 1800mm)
  • Collector insulation: 50mm
  • Internal tank is made of SUS304 stainless steel of 0.5mm thickness. 1,5 kWt electrical ten works as a back up
  • External tank’s thickness 0.4mm, made of enameled stainless steel
  • Tank is insulated by 50mm polyurethane layer
  • Acceptable angle of collector placement: 30/45


Please see below pricing for our non-pressure solar water heaters and feel free to contact us for custom solutions and free planning of the system at your place.

#ModelNumber of tubesTank (liter)WeightPrice (in AMD)Estimated savings (annual)
1TZ58/1800-2020200l71kg340000AMD 98,000
2TZ58/1800-2525250l84kg390,000AMD 123,000
3TZ58/1800-3030300l98kg440,000AMD 147,000

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