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We strive to make solar water heaters affordable and simplify purchasing process for our customers.

We are happy to introduce the terms of the unmatched on the market terms of leasing to purchase solar water heaters starting from as low as AMD  6,553 payment per month, which we have designed in partnership with the leader of Armenian leasing industry “ACBA Leasing.”

Leasing terms:

Leasing tenor: up to 60 months

Rate: starting from 8%

Prepayment: starting from 20% including installation costs

Application approval within 1-3 business days

If you have no overdue payments annual leasing rate will decrease by 0.5% each year

No fees or penalties will arise for early repayment

VAT included in leasing object will be credited

Please contact us and we will prepare detailed calculation and present you the options and financing your solar water heater through leasing.

See also Leasing payment details here.

Our partner ACBA Credit Agricole Bank offers POS lending with the following conditions:

  • Currency: AMD;
  •  Minimum loan value: AMD 50,000;
  •  Maximum loan value: AMD 2.000,000;
  • Loans tenor: 3-36 months;
  • Nominal annual rate of the loan: 20-24%
  • Prepayment: up to 0%
  • Loan rate is calculated based on the capital monthly repayment;
  • Security depends on the value of the loan:
    • less than AMD 500,000 (inclusive) is secured by the purchased goods,
    • factoring for AMD 500,001 – 1,000,000 is secured by purchased goods and personal guarantee;
    • factoring for AMD 1,000,001 – 2,000,000 is secured by purchased goods and two personal guarantees .

Information presented here is for information purposes only and may be changed without prior notice. Up to date details are available on ACBA Credit Agricole Bank’s web-site here (in Armenian).


National Mortgage Company cjsc offers energy efficiency mortgage loans, aimed at increasing energy efficiency of housing. This loan is provided for increasing residential energy efficiency through use of alternative sources of energy, installation of heating system, change of windows, etc. during renovation/modernization of apartments.

In realization of this program, Shtigen cooperates with ACBA-CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK.

Loan currency:  Armenian Dram.

Maximum loan value: AMD equivalent to EUR 10,000.

Loan purpose: Renovation of residential real estate, aimed at increasing energy efficiency. Minimum 70% of the loan should be used for purchase of materials/items for increasing energy efficiency of residential property.

Loan guarantee: The real estate subject to renovation, which is not used as primary pledge for other loans.

Minimum loan term: 10 years.

Grace period: minimum 6 months, maximum 2 years.

Loan repayment: 

  • within grace period: repayment of only interest;
  • after grace period: full payment of principal amount in annuity or equal instalments;
  • in both cases payments are made on a monthly basis.

Borrower/Co-borrower: Borrower/Co-borrowers should be citizens of the Republic of Armenia  and have primary source of income in Armenia.

Insurance: Borrower and co-borrowers of pledged real estate should be insured against death cases from accidents.

Location: The whole territory of the Republic of Armenia, except for Center district of Yerevan city.

Details of energy efficiency mortgage can be found on official web-site of NMC

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Shtigen in Ararat province

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