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About 7 million euros for better energy efficiency in Vayk and Spitak of Armenia

About 7 million euros for better energy efficiency in Vayk and Spitak of Armenia

About 1.7 million euros will be allocated for raising the energy efficiency and using solar power under a renewable energy project in Vayk and Spitak of Armenia.

The project started in January this year and is to be completed by December 2018. It aims at improving energy efficiency in multi-apartment blocks and public buildings, and at using solar power. The project is implemented by Habitat for Humanity Armenia foundation, together with the municipalities of Spitak and Vayk, supported by the European Union. The cost of the project is about 1.7mln euros,from which 1.35 milion EUR will be provided by the EU. The co-funding from Spitak municipality is 192,000 euros. The city administration of Vayk will provide 145,000 euros.
The project will cover 45 multi-apartment blocks (27 in Spitak and 18 in Vayk) and a kindergarten in Spitak, he said. According to the project manager, Sergey Arzumanyan, the project will help achieve  15 to 30% electricity savings.
Armenia’s deputy minister of energy and natural resources Hayk Harutiunyan, in his turn, said solar power is a beneficial direction in Armenia. According to Harutiunyan, all over the world, solar power is developed if about 1,500 kilowatt-hours can be obtained from a square meter, while Armenia’s capacity is 1,700 kilowatt-hour and even 2,000 kWh in some of the country’s regions (the higher the better). According to the deputy minister, solar energy may cover up to 80% of hot water demand in Armenian households.

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