Solar energy is a saving way not only for households and businesses but also for social objects like kindergartens. Recently Shtigen Energy Systems has installed solar systems in “Khoramankapartez” kindergarten for its kids and staff. Both a solar water heater and a PV system were installed. A-class polycrystalline PV panels from Talesun one of the global leaders were used. The PV system is rated at 10kW which will generate more than 16 000kWh of electricity annually. A 10kW triple-phase KStar inverter was used to convert the panels’ DC current to AC. The solar system allows to save 670 000 AMD/yr and reduce the CO2 emissions by 7.15t/yr. The 300l solar water heater saves up to 144 000 AMD/yr. These systems also have an educational role making kids familiar with sustainable energy from an early age and take care about the nature and environment. Check out the Shtigen Kids video series on our YouTube channel to learn more on sustainable energy. For more info on solar water heaters or PV stations please call +347 11 23 00 23