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On March 15, 2016 the RA National Assembly ratified a very important law package, aimed at development of solar energy sector in Armenia. In short, “Net-metering” was introduced in Armenia.

This reform allows legal and physical entities to install solar system with capacities up to 150 kWt and supply electricity to the network without any license or additional tax obligations. These entities can “get back” the  electricity  supplied to the network during the year, while surplus of supplied energy will be purchased by Electric Networks for half of the electricity’s retail day tariff.

This means that the reform will allow people to forget about expensive batteries, which require replacement each 4-5 years,  install solar system and have free electricity on an annual basis.

Besides, installation of PV panels in Armenia have numerous other advantages:

  • Buyback period starting from 7 years, in case of Net metering;
  • Full energy independence in case of using air conditioner for home heating (no costly natural gas) and joining Net metering;
  • Installation does not require any changes to the house/building’s existing network, only installation of additional calculator; 
  • Occupied area: 7-8 sq.m for 1kWth of capacity;
  • Individual installation, small operational costs;
  • 25-year power warranty and 10-year inverter warranty; 
  • Possibility of online supervision and optimization of the systems’s performance;
  • Leasing: annual 10.5% in AMD, 10-20% prepayment, 7 years;
  • 1 year of free post purchase service.