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We believe that bright and interesting people, people with ideas and vision are the driving force of any competitive business. For this reason we invite all those, who believe in the potential of renewable energy and energy efficiency to improve lives of ordinary people and businesses in Armenia to work together. We are open for various cooperation options, and currently would like to specify the following basic cooperation options:

For authorized dealers.

You can have our brand product and accessories with a very attractive discount, as well as use our knowledge base, get training and access to service facilities. This will give you an opportunity to run your business without need of huge capital investments and at much lower risks since we have already cared for that. Please fill in the registration form here and we will contact you for an interview.

For potential employees.

We have many projects, tasks and ideas where you can contribute and demonstrate your talent and skills to become a leader – be it a new product development, complex individual solution, enterprise management case, customer relationship management, finance or other.

Please fill in the questionnaire here and we will contact you for an interview.

For Investors.
If you are thinking of investing in Utility scale solar system in Armenia to get a profit, but do not know where to start, Shtigen Energy Systems is ready to help you. Complete this application form and we will contact you in the shortest possible time.

Let’s develop solar energy in Armenia together!

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Our recent projects

Արևային էլեկտրակայան ԱնտարեսումԱրևային էլեկտրակայան Անտարեսում
Արևային էլեկտրակայան Անտարեսում

«Անտարես» տպարանում «Շտիգեն» ընկերության կողմից տեղադրվել է 70,2 կՎտ դրվածքային հզորությամբ արևային կայան։ Տեղադրվել [read more]

Shtigen in Ararat provinceShtigen in Ararat province
Shtigen in Ararat province

In Ararat province, almost all of the cities and villages have either Shtigen’s solar [read more]

Shtigen’s Mobile Hybrid Solar Power StationShtigen’s Mobile Hybrid Solar Power Station
Shtigen’s Mobile Hybrid Solar Power Station

Here’s is the portable solar power station designed and assembled by Shtigen LLC and [read more]

Photovoltaic Station for one of our most demanding customersPhotovoltaic Station for one of our most demanding customers
Photovoltaic Station for one of our most demanding customers

Another photovoltaic station, this time in one of rural regions of Kotayk province. The [read more]