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30-megawatt PV power plant to be built in Armenia by 2016

30-megawatt PV power plant to be built in Armenia by 2016

A photovoltaic (PV) power plant with an installed capacity of minimum 30 megawatt will be constructed in Armenia by 2016,deputy minister of energy Hayk Harutiunyan said to journalists, expressing hope that they will manage to build a plant event with higher capacity.

Currently, in Armenia Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant accounts for about 30% of the energy generation in the country, around 41.9% of the energy is received at heat power plant, and hydro power plant account for 29.2% of the entire power production. Small hydro power plants are the most promising direction in the country’s energy sector. There are also windmills in Armenia, and efforts are made to take the advantage of geothermal energy.

However it is possible to use solar energy on quite affordable terms by installing a solar water heater, which is safe and efficient in heating water and can reduce gas and electricity costs of heating water by around 90%. Solar water heaters can be used both in residential areas and in business, while favourable financial options, offered by ACBA Leasing make solar water heaters even more affordable in Armenia.

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On the photo: Serpa Solar Park built in Portugal in 2006

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